Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Let us Celebrate Uganda’s greatest goalkeeper ever Denis Onyango

Another icon of Ugandan football draws the curtains to such an illustrious career with the Uganda Cranes. 

Denis Masinde Onyango has been the best goalkeeper I have watched in the World. For those who follow, it is not the first time I am saying this.
We have always been sure that there is Denis to carry the team when it needed the goalkeeper. 

He has been a great athlete, disciplined sportsman and patriotic footballer. 
He has taken choice to retire and we should celebrate him for the hard decision. If you asked me, he is one of those few players that should have stayed forever but we have to accept that players come and go. It is just human.
Denis wanted to announce his retirement in Malawi immediately after the game but was advised to hold on for a better timing. There was always not going to be the right timing for Denis to retire.
FUFA took a decision to organize testimonial matches for national team players who retire after 8 years of service or those that have put indelible marks to the team as decided by the FUFA Executive.

Definitely Onyango will have the option to take the testimonial match at the right timing.

I wish Denis the best of the rest his athletic football career and hope the game retains him to serve it in different capacities.

Eng. Moses Magogo

FUFA President