Sunday, May 22, 2022
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FUFA President pays courtesy visit to Uganda U20 Women’s National Team camp

It was merrymaking on Sunday in the U20 Women National Team Camp when the FUFA President paid a courtesy visit and treated members to a dinner on top of offering some fatherly advise to the players and urged them to give it their all and dump Ghana out of the tournament.

Players posing for a picture, all smiles.

The team is preparing to face off with Ghana in the first leg of the 4th round of the FIFA U20 Women World Cup 2022 Qualifiers at the St Mary’s Stadium on Saturday January 22nd, 2022.

FUFA President Hon. Moses Magogo Hassim greeting team captain Fauzia Najjemba.

‘First I want to remind you that when you are on the national team you represent all the Ugandans (Over 40 million People) so at all times whether you are coach, kits manager, team doctor or in any other Capacity, you are here representing the entire nation inclusive of your clubs, friends and relatives.” Hon Magogo started.

FUFA President, Hon. Moses Magogo Hassim (right) having a chat with coach Ayub Khalifa Kiyingi.

‘Secondly we are trying to make a case and saying that even the girls are playing football and picking the results. Your Success makes our Women football activation easy since it is in humanity that people want to associate with successful people. So, you make our case better when you pick results because it is very easy to talk about you. The funding we get is strictly for the Uganda Cranes but we are making a call to see that the women’s team be part of the payment because they also represent the country.’

Use the Opportunity;

As you play football always remember that the most important person you are playing for is yourself and this is just an opportunity. Opportunities are like Sunlight which comes and goes implying that today you have this opportunity tomorrow you will not. You have the opportunity today use it because any time you are leaving and people will forget about you.

National Team’s Manager Patrick Ntege and FUFA President, Hon. Moses Magogo Hassim.

There is always a first time and If you qualify you will be the first team to be in World Cup in Ugandan history but If you don’t do it others will do it in future therefore be the first.

We want to beat Ghana more than Ghana wants to beat us:

An opportunity has availed itself and I am not undermining our opponents but I believe if we beat Ghana I believe we would have eventually qualified for a World Cup. We have 180 minutes to dump Ghana out of this competition and I want to tell you, don’t look at names. All teams are doing development and everything we are doing everybody is doing so at the end of the day we must want to beat Ghana more than Ghana wants to beat us. That’s the only trick and Ghana will be out. It is us to want more because in the psychology of football one who wants to win wins. People have averaged in other aspects such as fitness and tactics.

What should separate us should be the desire to win. Let’s give it our all and fight like our life depends on it because you never know this could even be the last opportunity God has given us.   Fight, give your best and God will bless your desire. God has a sense of humor, he loves those who work hard and he loves those that have the desire. We want to be successful we have to beat the best.

Fauzia Najjemba and Shamirah Nalugya all smiles.

I trust your abilities because by the time you are invited to be part of the team you are on merit. Out of the over 20 millions you are here meaning you have what it takes to represent us.